Donald Trump managed to sink to yet a further low this week by shamelessly attacking President Obama for watching the new Star Wars movie…with the families of fallen veterans.

In a tone deaf attack that was meant to prove that Obama was ignoring his job as Commander-in-Chief because he was too busy enjoying a movie that’s just over two hours long, Trump posted an Instagram post captioned: “We need a real president.”

The video played scary music over news clips about ISIS (Trump’s new favorite scare tactic). In giant lettering, Trump claimed: “We are in a serious war.” Adding later: “Our president is busy with another war.” Then played a clip of Obama mentioning watching Star Wars during a press conference.

The implication was clear: Obama would rather watch Star Wars than support the troops and protect America.

The dig at Obama couldn’t be more off-base. The December 18 screening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that Obama attended was held specifically with the families of fallen soldiers. It was meant to be a time for those who had lost loved ones in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to take their mind off of the tragedies with a fun film. Done by a Republican president, and conservatives would have no doubt swooned. Instead, even the troops who paid the ultimate sacrifice were thrown under the bus by Trump to score a few cheap political points.

Even worse, Trump’s attempt to paint Obama as weak on terror is being undermined almost daily by the news of high ranking ISIS officials being captured or killed overseas. While Trump was spending the holidays taking pot shots at Hillary Clinton on Twitter, a U.S.-led airstrike was killing Caraffe al Mouadan, an ISIS leader believed to be a major planner of the Paris terror attacks.

And then came news that Iraqi soldiers, helped by coalition forces, had recaptured the vital city of Ramadi.

Mouadan is one of 10 ISIS leaders that have been killed in coalition-run airstrikes in the last month. These successes come as the Iraqi government announced that with the help of coalition bombing raids, they have been able to re-take the city of Ramadi from ISIS.

Members of the Iraqi military raised their flag on top of a government compound in the middle of the city in what has been described as a “significant accomplishment” in the fight against the international terrorist group.

By any metric, Obama’s policies have been increasingly vindicated. Trump, and his colleagues in the Republican Party, are left with two options: Drop the withering argument that Obama is soft on terror or outright lie. It’s now clear which option Trump is choosing.

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