Remember The Promise Mia Khalifa Made About Donald Trump’s Victory?

Mia Khalifa is certainly one of the most exotic adult entertainers out there. Not only does she has a different appearance compared to all the other ladies in the industry, but she also has a lot to say about many things, Trump

In fact, Mia Khalifa wasn’t silent when it came to the U.S. elections. And now, it looks like Mia Khalifa has one promise to fulfil.

A lot of people didn’t expect Donald Trump to win the U.S. presidency.

After all, he wasn’t exactly a prominent political figure at the time. Sure, he was a billionaire celebrity, but that was it.

Thus, many celebrities made extravagant promises regarding the U.S. election.

For one, Amy Schumer promised to leave the United States if Donald Trump won.

Madonna even promised to give voters a blowing job if they voted for Hillary Clinton.

This was certainly a shocking statement from such a popular musician.

Well, Mia Khalifa was annoyed at what Madonna promised.

She couldn’t believe that Madonna would promise something like that just to make Hillary Clinton win.

Mia Khalifa decided to make it more challenging.

If Madonna was willing to do that just for the U.S. elections, why couldn’t Khalifa do the same thing?

Thus, she promised to provide a blowing job to Donald’s supporters if he won.

Think about it. Who would male voters pick more if they had to choose between Madonna and Mia Khalifa? You know the answer, my friends.

Apparently, this is how irritated Khalifa was at Madonna.

The former adult star didn’t really like how confident Madonna seemed to be.

Mia Khalifa even asked how anyone could possibly vote for a criminal.

Many people argue that Hillary Clinton is a criminal because of all the WikiLeaks scandals and her email controversy.

Now, Donald Trump has officially won the U.S. presidency.

A lot of liberals were shocked, but others were expecting all of the mainstream media’s efforts to bring down Trump to backfire.

So far, Mia Khalifa hasn’t updated her fans about her promise.

I think that Donald Trump’s supporters are eagerly awaiting for her to do what she promised.

But she looks more interested in sports right now.

If you didn’t know, Mia Khalifa has transitioned from being an x-rated star to being a sports analyst.

Specifically, she can’t get enough of the Washington Capitals.

Mia Khalifa does seem to like the Capitals’ Andre Burakovsky particularly.

In the end, people shouldn’t promise things that they cannot fulfil.

Do you think Mia Khalifa did wrong by promising something like this?

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