Fake Picture of Obama “Helping”at Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims Goes Viral

Ah, fake news. For two weeks after the election, it became a convenient patsy for why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Since then, it’s become a convenient term for all of the media-perpetrated falsehoods that liberals swallow whole.

Not all of those falsehoods come through the mainstream media, though. Some come through social media — like a viral Obama pic that melted the internet in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.


One problem: it wasn’t from Harvey.

According to CNN (blowing the whistle on fake news for a change), the pic began making the rounds on Twitter Saturday shortly after the storm made landfall. “Something you’ll never see Trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!” the text of the tweet read.

The pic actually dates back to 2015, when President Obama was doing the typical presidential thing and serving Thanksgiving meals. Given that Trump hasn’t been president on Thanksgiving yet, it wasn’t something he’s even had a chance to do — and it certainly wasn’t from Hurricane Harvey.

The original tweet has now been deleted, according to CNN. Nevertheless, since it received about 8,000 retweets and 15,000 “likes” after it first went out, it was obvious that libs had fallen for the fake news. It was even looked into by Obama’s favorite fact checkers over at Snopes, who noted the photo was “miscaptioned.”

The original poster was called out on the error. “Sorry for people thinking this was in texas (he was there) but this is from 2015,” he responded. As excuses go, that’s right up there with the “beer is my coffee” DUI guy.

It’s worth pointing out that President Trump has done plenty for Houston and the surrounding area in the past few days. On Tuesday, the president plans to visit the city to survey the damage. He also signed a disaster proclamation just before the storm made landfall. His administration also been busy coordinating rescue efforts, including a Sunday morning teleconference between himself, Vice President Mike Pence and cabinet members.

“President Trump continued to stress his expectation that all departments and all agencies stay fully committed to supporting the Governors of Texas and Louisiana and his number one priority of saving lives,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said of the teleconference, according to CNN.

So, no, not only is the tweet fake news, it’s also showing that even this early in the game, liberals are still searching for their “Heckuva job, Brownie” moment.

Nice try, though.

H/T The Daily Caller

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