Can’t afford your education ? Don’t worry it’s free here.

In recent times, there are many colleges where you will not be required to take any student loan, where your talent and service to the nation will be appreciated . Let us look at some opportunities where we can study without spending a penny .

We can divide which category we have to choose depending on our choice or interest .

Deep Springs College,California, students pay by working on the ranch.

1. Colleges in which you can earn with studying – t Alice Lloyd, Berea, and Deep Springs, In Deep Springs you work in ranch.

US Army

2. Reward for Service – Programs that reward you and give you recognition as you serve your nation . You can join Military,Navy,Air force and coast guards.

Barclay College

Barclay College

3 . Religious learning – if you are interested in Religious learning and want to continue your education , Barclay college, which is a bible school .


4. Colleges according to needs – Some of the Institutions provide free education if the family income is low -MIT gives free education earning below 75,000$ , Harward below 65,000$ , Columbia,Duke and Stanford below 60,000 $.

Curtis Institute of Music

5. Colleges that appreciate talent- Webb Engineering College gives free education to handful of exceptional engineering talent, Curtis Institute of Music ,Philadelphia provides free education for exceptionally talented Musicians.

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