BAD MOVE! 8 Huge Retailers Just Turned On Trump, Will Now Never Be The Same – Backlash Has Begun!

President Trump has notoriously been good for businesses of all sorts, particularly retailers who have profited from his unprecedented overhaul of the economy.

When he took office, he had been left with a country in distress, to the verge of the next great depression, thanks to his predecessor’s problems. In record time, he made America secure and great again, even financially flourishing in several of ways.

Brick and mortar retailers were on the edge of failure with internet shopping replacing the demand for physical stores, but Trump stopped a complete collapse and business is flourishing once again…at least for those who didn’t make a decision to turn around and stab him in the back with this great deed.

In a time when department stores are struggling to compete with sites such as Amazon, just to stay afloat, it is a terrible approach to lick at the gift horse in the mouth who just helped their cause.

After they understood the mistake of the bad decision, it had backfired. There’s no coming back from this.

There was a domino impact of big box stores canceling their contracts with First Daughter Ivanka Trump who was a successful businesswoman before she had been a respected political figure.

They disagree with her father’s politics, so consequently, they want to punish his daughter financially by minding all of her goods off their shelves. But, President Trump is not playing with their stupid game and returned the big insult with a massive injury.

Nordstrom led the charge this week, by pleasing liberals everywhere who likely don’t even shop there they aren’t selling her wares anymore. Months after, Belk combined the anti-Ivanka brigade and determined they too would fall her, and now TJ Maxx stores took part in the disgraceful trend too.

These physical stores have been followed by a ton of online retailers who previously cut her from the stock.

This is not a business decision, it is personal, and Donald Trump doesn’t appreciate it as he made known today. Using his favorite form to state what has to be said fast without one care for who’s offended by it, Trump took to Twitter to put the last nail in the coffin of these retailers who brought on their own demise.

“My daughter Ivanka has been treated so kindly by Nordstrom,” the president wrote. “She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Bad!’” He included.

Nordstrom allegedly made their decision to sever their sales relationship with Ivanka because they disagreed with her dad’s immigration ban.

Many of the other shops were encouraged by liberal “feminists” who somehow think they are “empowering” women by ruining a successful lady’s brand and income.

Trump is good for company, liberals aren’t, but this appears to be a tricky concept to grasp despite the debilitating consequences.

Oh well, enjoy your announcement, Belk, Nordstrom, and another, you will all be immaterial much sooner than later, especially now that our president only spoke out against your own practices. You chose the wrong side to partner with and now you’re likely to cover.


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