16 People Who Took Laziness To Another Level

Every now and then, we all fall victim to sloth-like states of laziness where we can’t be bothered to do anything except for undemanding sedentary activities like:

  • Sleeping,
  • Watching TV,
  • Eating,
  • Contemplating your existence.

We all deserve a break from time to time and there’s nothing wrong with hitting a switch or button from a distance with a stick to avoid disrupting the bliss of pure comfort. However, some people give in to their lethargy to questionable extremes.

Here are 16 people who took laziness to another level.

1. To avoid going downstairs and outside, this man decided he could grab his fallen item with just a little vacuum-puppeteer action. More risk, but less motion!


2. This man realizes that if he has to exert his arm then he shouldn’t have to exert his legs. Not only does he get to sit, he’s low enough that he doesn’t have to see his shameful reflection on the mirror.

3. There’s no driveway long enough to justify driving your garbage to the end of it, but this person must be saving their energy for something special.

Imgur / JustinAlger

4. This guy found a way to take in all of the joyous entertainment that he experiences sitting up, but with the immobile comfort of lying in a coffin.


5. If it all ends up going to the same place, why waste time putting it all together nicely?

This sandwich artist doesn’t follow the rules and gets to enjoy their work much quicker.


6. Who needs a gas station attendant when you can just have your backseat bud do the work for you?


7. This father realizes that bonding isn’t limited to proximity. He gets to entertain his daughter with a lackluster swing ride and he gets to entertain himself with a beer.



8. Your bottle opener might not come crawling on over when you call its name, but chances are, your loving pet will!


9. This man understands that road painting and road kill removal are two very different jobs and he’s only getting paid to do his.


10. Checking up on your pizza doesn’t have to be a chore, just set up FaceTime and you’ve got a live stream of your future meal.


11. Not only is this man too lazy to actually hold his phone up to his ear, he’s also clearly too lazy to even talk with the microphone. He’s only taking in bald language sounds.


12. As an artist, would you paint part of a picture on the back of the canvas? No. This woman knows that what can be seen is all that matters.


13. Taking down the clock and then readjusting it to read the correct time would take a lot more work than just throwing up a piece of paper.


14. Skip all the work of baking a cake, but still get the wish! While there are numerous steps involved in creating a cake, there’s only one step to a better life.


15. Just because the dog needs daily exercise does not mean the owner does. This man has it all figured out, fresh air and a leisurely ride to boot!


16. Hands can never fit enough popcorn in one grab anyway! With the right neck movement or drawstring pull, this clever system will let you indulge without interruption.




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