10 Things God Wants You To Remember During Those Tough Times

Life may not be easy all the time. For everyone, there comes a situation when it becomes really difficult to stand up again and keep moving. But those tough times are the ones that truly test a person, what he is made of, what he is capable of and what all things he can do. And during these tough times, God wants you to remember a few things we are blessed with.

Here I have listed them.

1. He is always listening.

All your fears, pain, silence, efforts, and prayers, they are not going in vain. He is right there listening to everything. He is listening to what you want and when time comes, everything you ever wanted will be yours and maybe much more than that.

2. You are becoming stronger.

These tough times are making you stronger. With every obstacle, you come across you become strong and a better person. And as sir William Samuel Johnson rightly said, “He knows not his own strength who hath not met adversity.” The tough times gives you a way to explore your inner strength that even you may not know you had it within you. It makes you a strong mother, a strong father and helps you play every other role of your life more effectively.

3. He has planned it better.

He has planned a better layout for your life. He may not give you what you wanted but you will certainly get all that you need. And when the time’s right you will see it yourself that His magic worked for your own good.

4. You’ll have answers to all the unanswered questions.

Eventually you will understand why everything happened. Why, that relationship you badly wanted to be in, didn’t work out. Why, you didn’t get through a test. Why, you didn’t get that job, you were perfectly qualified for. Everything will be clear to you and you will be thankful for it.

5. He will heal you.

He will ease your miseries, He will heal your broken heart. He will decipher every thought that has been bothering you. He just wants you to be patient and everything will be fixed.

6. Have faith

6. Have faith

He wants you to trust Him and leave everything that you can’t control. He wants you to believe that He is with you in ups and downs, supporting you. If God brings you to it, He will pull you through it.

7. You are not alone.

Remember He is always there for you. When you are scared, He is protecting you. When you are confused, listen to Him, He always gives you correct advice. When you feel like crying and feel alone, talk to Him, He’s always listening. No matter what you are going through, just believe in Him. He is always with you.

8. He wants you to evolve.

He wants you to develop yourself. He wants you to overcome all your fears and weaknesses. He wants to make you learn the lessons of life. He wants you to conquer all the sorrows through the hardships. He wants you to find the meaning of life, to be wise and to prosper.

9. He loves you the most.

He loves you, more than you can ever imagine. He may not be giving you a very easy and happy life, but He loves you. He loves you for what you are, He loves you for your inner self, regardless of what you look like, what place you belong, what mistakes you do. He forgives you and loves you selflessly and eternally.

10. Believe in miracles.

When God steps in, miracles happen. And He wants you to believe it. In every little victory you achieve, in every little happiness you come across, in every little wish of yours that comes true, there is a miracle involved. All you need to do is believe. God’s miracles happen in weird ways. So, stay strong in your tough times and hold on to it just a little longer because after these hard times there awaits a beautiful life for you. And remember “It always rains the hardest on the people, who deserve the Sun”.

So don’t be disheartened, stay strong instead!

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