10 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant

If you are planning to get pregnant soon, these are some awesome things you have to do before getting your baby bump.

We all know that being a parent is a loving, noble and the most responsible “job” in this whole world. This doesn’t mean that the fun side of your life will die, just that the life as you know will change once you are pregnant, and once you have your baby. The fact is that you won’t be able to sleep as much as you would want to, and you won’t be able to think only for yourself, because the little one will overwhelm your spare time and your heart as well. Since you will have to change your lifestyle to a certain point once you are pregnant, you probably wouldn’t want to live with regrets, that’s why CuriousMothers offers you 10 things you should do alone, with your significant other or with your friends before you get pregnant.

1. Kill Those Extra Pounds

Almost everyone has those unwanted few extra pounds. It seems that this will be the best time for you to kill them and get your ideal body weight. Getting rid of the extra pounds is not just healthy, but also will help you maintain a normal body weight once you get pregnant, and losing the extra pounds once you deliver. Even though it seems a long-term goal, you should definitely go for it. You shouldn’t push yourself to the limits, meaning that you should choose what suits you best, whether that’s a balanced diet, or daily walks or runs. You don’t want to get super skinny, because that can easily lead to having an irregular monthly period. Losing those extra pounds, means reaching the ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) which is between 19 and 24. Getting a healthy and ideal body weight will make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own body, and you definitely want that, especially if you are planning to conceive soon.
2. Hit the Gym Hard
Have you ever thought about shaping your body and doing some rough training? This might be just the perfect time to make that body you rock fit and sexy. You probably won’t be able to challenge your body once you are pregnant, because you won’t be the only owner of your body, and you probably won’t be physically able to follow rigorous training and excessive jogging. If you ever wanted to run a marathon, or climb a mountain, and you never had so, then the only thing we have to say to you is- You go girl! And of course, you can thank us once you deliver, because you will probably get back to normal sooner than the other mommies.
3. Do a Risky and Fun Thing
Admit it, you thought about bungee jumping. Yes, yes, and yes! This is the time to do something risky and crazy, you would never think of doing as a parent. Once you are pregnant, your hormones will work their thing and will make you feel extremely caring and worried about your and your baby’s welfare. The thing is that you are not pregnant at the moment, and that means that you can go bungee jumping, skydiving, dive from a high cliff and all the things you will get the courage to do. Activate your adrenaline, get crazy, get some courage and live with no regrets.
4. Move to a New Place
If you feel that you live in a place that is not spacious or comfortable enough, this is the perfect time to look for a new one. Once you get pregnant, you will have enough obligations and activities regarding your health, and you don’t want you’re your moving to another place to add up to your daily schedule. Look for something spacious enough for your future family, something affordable and comfortable. You will probably spend many years raising your children there, so you don’t want to choose a place in a haste. Take your time, and create your future joy before the time comes.
5. Switch Jobs if You Need to
If you feel like the job you currently work is not sewn for you that means one thing- It’s time to make some changes. Start up your computer, warm the seat and look for your ideal (or at least suitable) job. Remember, this doesn’t mean that it will be your last job ever, but imagine the struggle if you are pregnant and looking for a job. This is the ideal period for you to find a job while imagining your future- will it be close to home or will you have to commute, does your employer offers flexible or fixed work time, what’s their attitude on maternity leave? Another important reason for you to switch your job on time, is that most of the companies’ rules state that you have to work at least 12 months in order to be entitled to a maternity leave. So if you are not happy with your current job, you know what you have to do, and what exactly to look for in your new job.
6. Check Your General Health
Even though you have to take care of your health regularly, once you set your mind on conceiving, then you have to go for a thorough health check. Contact your GP and make blood and urine tests, talk to them about your wish to soon become a mother, and ask for some further advice. If you are taking certain medications, you have to ask if they are compatible with pregnancy, and talk about their benefits or side effects. Also, it is very important for your GP to check whether you had all the vaccines, especially the varicella one, since the chickenpox and pregnancy are sworn enemies.
7. Visit Your Dentist
Again it may seem that it’s a moot advice, since we all do our regular brushing and flossing, but visiting your dentist once you think about conceiving is very important. Gum diseases and tooth decay are known as some of the reasons for miscarriages and preterm delivery. If your oral health is not in check, then you should have your teeth examined regularly primarily because of yourself, then because of your future plans of becoming a mommy.
8. Have Your Fancy Couple Vacation
romantic-couple-vespa-night-greecephoto by:kristijan
Set a cozy and romantic atmosphere and choose the destination you always wanted to visit together with your partner. You will have family vacations with your children in the future for sure, but they won’t be so crazy and relaxed. Have that adult, free-of-obligations vacation and do your research about that place. Once there, savor your crazy nights out, dress up, do your make up, and visit the night clubs you previously researched with your partner. Drink with measure, and have fun to the maximum. Remember that you probably won’t be able to hire a baby-sitter in a foreign place, and hit the club once you have a baby.
9. Taste Different Types of Food
food-mediterian-greece-polihrono-greecephoto by:kristijan location:flegra/greece
Do a research of all the places which offer different types of food. Taste them all, because once your baby kicks in, your hormones may protest about the food you digest. Again, it doesn’t mean that you won’t do the same once you give birth, but you will probably breastfeed and eat healthier and less spicy, so it may be several years until you go back to food juggling.
10. Enjoy the theater and the cinema
You plan on getting pregnant sometime in the future, and you are aware of all the things you have to give up in order to gain something precious. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give up the theatre and the movies, but it will probably be less comfortable than it is now. Sitting in one place with your legs down for a longer period of time will be an unpleasant experience, and you will wish for the movie to end sooner than later. So launch the local theatre/cinema web-site and choose your must-see movies and plays, and enjoy your time while the chairs are still comfortable.


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